More updates~!

So we’ve been talking to a couple different BBC fanbases from around the world and seeing if they would be willing to do a donation project like this as well. And guess what?! 

So far we have the Singapore fanbase who said they would be willing to participate! We’re talking to a few others, like the Thai fanbase and the Europe fanbase, and a lot more others to see if they would do something along the lines of what we’re doing. So if you know someone from those fanbases and think they might be willing to do something like this, have them send us an email so we can kind of tell them how we do things! I think it would be awesome if we could make this as big as possible. ^^ 

We’ve also planned to do a giveaway for anyone who donates to this project. Anyone who donates $5 will get an entry into the giveaway! So if someone donates $10 they would have two entries. And I’ve talked to a few tumblr shops on here, like lostinlove-kpop, and kungfubookmarks, and blockbmerch and they all said that they would be willing to donate a few items towards this giveaway! ^^ We would also be giving away two or three of Block B’s new mini-album ‘Welcome to the Block’~ 

Also, there’s someone who’s doing a message booklet right now that’s going to be sent to Block B for their 1st year anniversary. You can find the information about that right here. And just as a warning all of the people who have donated here will have until March 12th, 2012 to get their messages into her. So please, if you want to send one get it into her as quick as possible! 

This is really starting to become big you guys! I just hope that it becomes even bigger! I know that we can shine light back onto Block B once again. So please, spread the word and lets get as many people as possible! ^^